Benjamin Sang & Wrote 8 Out Of 10 Songs In His First English Album 'Our Days'

Benjamin’s first album in English is called Our Days with 8 out of 10 songs written and sung by him. The other track on the album is a song he co-wrote with his brother Rodolphe titled Breathe In which Benjamin said was “unexpectedly successful”. He said: “I wasn’t sure if it was going to be as successful as it is now. Even if I had 10 songs written and produced, I wouldn’t have been capable of re-recording the song on my own. So I decided to do a cover version.” After he did his first English album Benjamin discovered that a producer called Scott Worsham wanted to produce a song for him. Benjamin called him up and asked what kind of material he was looking for, and Scott said “something that sounds like The Beatles”.

“I already had the idea to write a song about my experiences at Open Mic Nights in Australia. With this in mind I went home and wrote a song called ‘In Their Shoes’ which is the first song on my album, so in a way this is how I got started writing songs in English.”

Benjamin also said: “I couldn’t have done my second album without my first one. I think every artist goes through an apprenticeship and I am no exception. In fact it took me 5 years to write music that I liked a lot. I think you are an artist and your talent is not something that you have, it’s something that you need to work on. If my self-titled album hadn’t been as successful as it was in Australia, then maybe the second one wouldn’t have happened.”

“I also learned how much effort it takes to put out a professional album. I didn’t know that you need to have someone mastering it and putting in all the legal details on it. It’s not like making an album by yourself and then selling it, because people who try to do that with their music usually get into trouble.”

“I also needed to be more professional about myself when I go onstage. When I was singing as part of Brothers of Penandrite we had a lot of fun onstage, but looking back now I realize that some things could have been done better.”

Benjamin said: “I am hoping to find success here, but if this doesn’t happen I will simply move onto something else and try again elsewhere.”

musical family environment

He is originally from Paris where he grew up in a musical family environment, but made the move to Australia over 10 years ago. His first album was released on his own label called ‘Benjamin Javaheri Music’ and can be bought from iTunes.

During an interview with Rebel FM Benjamin said: “It’s been really great getting this exposure for my music in Australia. I am hoping to find success here, but if this doesn’t happen I will simply move onto something else and try again elsewhere.”

His second album Faith Of Man is set for release in 2017 by AWAL/Atlantic Records

He has also worked as a backing vocalist on other artists albums such as Australian singer John Farnham’s acoustic album of Elvis Presley songs titled King Without A Crown (2017), where he sang on the track Suspicious Minds.


“I was in Nashville and I met some people there who were going to see him at a show, so naturally they knew who Benjamin Javaheri was, which really amazed me.”

Benjamin also sang backing vocals on Chris Isaak’s album If There Was A Way (2016) where he performed vocal harmonies with Kacey Musgraves on Isaak’s song The First Noel.

In 2016 it was announced that Benjamin had signed a deal with Atlantic Records UK/AWAL for his second album “Faith Of Man”. This came after great success of signing a publishing deal with EMI Music Publishing Australia/Universal Music Australia. His first single for AWAL/Atlantic Records was “Aurora (Live For Today)” and he released a music video for the track.

Benjamin first performed the song live at Shibuya AX, Tokyo on December 3rd 2016 supporting Australian musician Matt Corby. Later that same month Benjamin travelled to Europe to perform eight shows in one of his biggest concerts so far at Het Depot, Tilburg in The Netherlands where he shared the stage with Australian band The Triffids performing songs from their album Born Sandy Devotional including Two Lovers Dreaming and Wide Open Road. He also played several other shows across Europe playing festivals such as Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg, Berlin Music Week, Estivale Festival Lisbon Portugal and New Pop Fest Lille France. In 2017 Benjamin continued to tour around Europe, now with his own headline shows. He also performed at Yume no matsuri (Dream Festival) Festival in Japan and was a special guest on some of the dates supporting Japanese band The Boom which featured Steve Stevens former guitarist for Billy Idol as well as Tommy Lee from Mötley Crüe on drums.

Benjamin’s second music video Aurora was released in January 2017 directed by Cristiano Bombardi who described it as “a story about time travel, but without forward or backward”.

“I am not trying to write a hit song, I am just trying to make the kind of songs that I like.”

His first single Something Beautiful has been used on ABC TV show “Harper’s Island” and his second single “Aurora (Live For Today)” was the debut music video for AWAL/Atlantic Records. Benjamin’s SoundCloud page is regularly updated with brand new original tracks from all around the world of which some are done as a collaboration such as ‘Now I’m Free’

Written and performed by Benjamin Javaheri & Mikey Young, Mixed by John Castle, Mastered by Errol Barreto at Studios 301 Sydney Australia

“I met Matt Corby when he supported Simon Sweetman on tour in Tokyo 2016.”

Benjamin played for 400 people in a sold out venue Le Poisson Rouge New York City performing songs from his upcoming album which will be released through Atlantic Records distributed label AWAL. The tour was held at select venues in New York, Connecticut and Boston.

“I have been lucky enough to not only write songs that I am proud of but also play with the likes of Billy Corgan & Doves.” Benjamin is currently working on recording his debut album in Los Angeles under Atlantic Records/AWAL record label which he aims to release in 2018.