Kurdish Music & American Rock & Roll

Benjamin Javaheri music, from you to me, leaves no doubt that benjamin has a unique gift with his voice. the lyrics are very meaningful and he puts so much emotion when singing them so anyone who listens will be touched by the words of his songs.

Benjamin is an amazing singer/songwriter and we can’t wait for him to release another cd as we have been following him for years now. we hope he will be a major star in the future.

As much as we love his music, we also admire the fact that he hasn’t let stardom go to his head and he still has the same attitude and humble spirit, always willing to meet and greet fans after shows or autograph things for us. what a great guy!

Benjamin’s father is an Armenian who moved to France, but his mom was Persian and from there they moved to Australia. So Benjamin has an Armenian background mixed with Persian ancestry. His parents were captivated by French culture and French music. When he was six years old his dad gave him a guitar (guitar) he learned to play by ear, and he started writing his own songs. When his parents split up he went with his mother with whom they moved in the suburbs of Paris.

This experience was very important for Benjamin because it enabled him to understand different cultures and ways of living. It was also very enriching for him because there were many people, including his mother, who sang and played the piano. especially his godmother who was a great composer and pianist.

His music is a mix of these two cultures: Persian melodies with rock ‘n roll rhythms adopted from American culture.

Iranian Culture

Benjamin has been to Iran before, but this time we got the chance to talk with him about his interest in Persian culture and in particular Iranian music. He told us: “I was born and raised in Paris, so I know a lot about French culture and music, but my parents are Armenian and they were captivated by French culture and French music, so I was surrounded with both cultures from my early ages. Later on we moved to Australia for a couple of years when I was 13 and there I started listening to American rock ‘n roll which had a great influence on me and influenced the way I write songs.”


“As far as Iranian culture goes, it wasn’t until later that I was really interested in it. When we moved to Australia, my mom gave me a Persian book and some Iranian tapes of famous singers like former Faramarz Pilaram who has now been forgotten unfortunately. He is still alive but no one talks about him anymore.”

“This book contained the poems of Rumi which are the most famous in Iran and they are sang by many singers. This book also contained a collection of poems of Hafez and Omar Khayyam which I was not familiar with before. The Iranian tapes my mom gave me had these two poets’ poems sung by Fereidoun Farrokhzad and Abdullah Mehrpouya. I really loved those two poets’ poems and still do. As for my other Iranian interests, they are due to my wife who is Persian.”

“She has always been interested in her culture and the rituals of the Persian New Year (Nowruz). We celebrate Nowruz every year with my family and it’s a great experience, but as far as Persian music goes I am not really familiar with it. However, if some of the famous singers from Iran were to go to France and sing their songs or if they made a tour in Australia, we would surely buy tickets for those shows. But it is so hard to get an artist visa for countries like Iran because the Iranian government doesn’t give them easily.”