The Music Turn To Love

I am a lover of progressive sounds, without neglecting the classics: Johann Sebastian Bach and his enigmatic Counter-Reformation, Mozart and his divine Sonatas. I am inspired by greats like Clapton and Gilmour…and Jimi Hendrix who were all masters in their own right!

On stage, the music is about me relaying my emotions through every note I play. The audience becomes part of what I’m saying; they feel it as much as I do…the unspoken language between us.

It’s very much about communicating that inner joy, which is the root of good music.

Benjamin on stage at the world famous Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club

“What I want when we make a record is to get the sense of being in a group where any member could say anything and it would be right…” – Keith Jarrett

Live At The Royal Albert Hall

In November 2011 Benjamin performed two acoustic shows at London’s Royal Albert Hall in support of the 10th anniversary of Red Hot Organization. The event was a charitable benefit supporting the fight against AIDS, inspired by the life and work of artist Robert Mapplethorpe. 

We are Kurdish Proud!

Thank you Benjamin for the beautiful gift of music.

“We are Kurdish proud!” – Dilovan Raufi “As a musician, I can fully appreciate what a challenge it was to put together this first CD from scratch. The result is amazing, very impressive! My sincere congratulations and appreciation.” – Thomas Anders (Modern Talking)

I listened to the songs on your album “Watching Over Me” and I really enjoyed them…It’s wonderful work. Congratulations! – Yanni (Grammy Award-winning composer/pianist)

Benjamin Javaheri has just finished producing his new debut Album entitled ‘Suburban Dreams’, which will be digitally released in summer 2014 by Music One Publishing. The album is the result of years of work on Benjamin’s part, and it represents a brilliant piece of work from him.

The new CD will feature songs written by Benjamin himself as well as some English language covers of famed artists such as Chris de Burgh (Spanish Train/Don’t Pay The Ferryman), George Michael (Father Figure) and Eric Carmen (All By Myself). Keep an eye out for future releases from this upcoming artist!

We make every album with love and try to bring real-life emotions to every song.

Since we love music and want to get our emotions across with our songs, it gets a lot of positive feedback from the fans.

We’re very proud of our album and hope that you’ll like it as well.” – Dilovan Raufi & Benjamin Javaheri (Newland)

Benjamin appears in an episode of the popular BBC Television Series “Waterloo Road” broadcast on March 27th 2018.

In this episode called ‘Enemies Within’ he plays a young asylum seeker who is separated from his wife in hostile circumstances.

He also stars in two other musical episodes: “Born Free” during the 5th season (episode 17), broadcast on 27 October 2011, playing a troubled teenager named Yousif. He is later referred to as Yousif Al-Mohammed in the press release for episode 19, which aired on 10 November 2011. Again his character was a troubled teenager named Ahmed who is part of Eddie’s new music group ‘AKA’.

He also starred in an episode called “Heroes & Villains” during the 9th season (episode 6), broadcast on 23 January 2015, playing a young asylum seeker whose family are threatened by a skinhead gang.